Metabollix! Only 6 days left for 20% discount!

January 27, 2009 | Author:  

After a fantastic response to the first Pro-Vo2 offer i put in the forum a week ago…i thought it best to post this reminder that there is only 6days left to take advantage of 20% of full metabolic tests and 10% of retests!

As we have been solidly booked since last week with testing each day from the offer, i just wanted to let those of you know that you can still pay for the offer before the end of this month at the discounted rate and actually take your test next month…as i know a couple of you are putting it off due to still working of the xmas cake and cheeky tickles (drinks that it!)

Call or email to book your tests and get yourself training in the optimal zones! Remember theres no point in training like a putz at the wrong intensity and not get the results you deserve for your multisport sweat and graft!