Energicer – Athlete Cooling System!

August 20, 2009 | Author:  

energicer_mainEnergicer is a liquid solution that has a high evaporative cooling effect. Its key ingredients are a mix of denatured alcohol, menthol and camphor.

By soaking the wrist bands in the Energicer solution and then wearing them against the skin, the evaporation effect provides a high rate of cooling to the surrounding area and to the rest of your body. A single use generally provides for around two hours of cooling.

It is well known that physical activity generates heat, which can ultimately lead to a decline in performance, commonly described as heat fatigue.

Welcome To EnergicerWearing the Energicer wrist bands therefore greatly assists in helping to avoid the build-up of heat during activity, thus creating the opportunity for improved physical performance.

But don’t just believe us – test it for yourself. The effect has to be experienced to be truly believed! Each can of Energicer has 360ml of the Energicer solution, and comes with two wrist bands. Each can should provide for at least 20 individual uses of the wrist bands (or a minimum of 10 pairs).

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