Nat Barnard wins Eton Sprint 15th May '10

May 20, 2010 | Author:  

Last Saturday I found myself entering the chilly waters of Dorney lake at 11.05am with a group of men aged 30-35 years old thinking “ what AM I doing !?” As they probably were too being a female with hot pink nail varnish!

Reason for this was it was completely out of schedule and out of the blue that I was racing in this event. I entered that week randomly a tri 24 7 competition to win free entry into the HumanRace Sprint event that weekend. I thought nothing of it as I usually don’t have much luck, but the call Friday afternoon said otherwise. In fact, it said that i’d won free entry and did i fancy still racing the event the next morning!

After not much deliberating, and a quick call to my Portuguese coach, I agreed and started to prepare my kit and bike for the race.

The 400m swim was fairly chilly but short enough not to really feel the effects, unlike the ETU race I have next weekend in Scotland. The bike leg was pretty busy by this time with other waves, with a definite headwind one way. I held a consistent pace, knowing i can push decent watts after my earlier bike testing i’d done with Pat Leahy (ProVo2), down at their centre in Fulham.

Off the bike I then set out onto the run, again the headwind made even hearing anything a mission, with an eerie silence on the return lap. I had extra support there with my faithful dogsbody and photographer dad and Gary Anderson, my new manager and sponsor from Elite-Performance.

All in all i won the ladies event, and was placed 16th out of the males overall, so not a bad day at the office. Sunday i flew from Luton to Palma for a weeks’ training out with a small group of athletes under the instruction of Simon Ward. After this week, i will fly to Glasgow to compete at Strathclyde Park for the ETU event there.