Speedfil – is it another Aero Advantage??

June 27, 2010 | Author:  

Speedfil – is it another Aero Advantage??

I’m just back from having spent 10 days training in Lanzarote, it was an awesome eye opener to how windy the island can be. When I arrived with Richard Hobson and some of the Athletes registered on his Long distance Triathlon camp we encountered the tail end of the hurricane that had been causing damage & devastation across France.

I was concerned by the fact that I’d decided to bring my time trial bike with deep wheels. This meant I was faced with the prospect of being blown off the road and maybe there days where I was unable to ride at all. I had also agreed to trial a new water bottle – Speedfil
This is both aerodynamic and has a 1200ml capacity. It has a simple bite valve and easy to refill. It took me less than five mins to install…..
The Speedfil is a revolutionary product designed to minimize air disturbance while creating fluid-carrying capacity. The down tube-mounted cage creates smooth airflow around the frame while the rider is in motion. Fluid passes through flexible tubing, allowing for easy output through the bite valve. Hydration is immediate as the bite valve keeps fluid at the ready for whenever its needed. It fitted well on my Specialized Transition and having the straw in front of me encouraged me to drink regularly.
On a 60km/10km/40km/5km/20km/5km Brick session I only lost 200grams of weight, compared to some of the other guys losing over a kilo. This demonstrates that I remained well hydrated throughout my session.

In the wind, it seemed to pick up the wind like a sail, blowing me a long – Yipee!!! the only problem I had was when I was caught by gusts, but so long as my weight was over the front wheel on my aero bars it wasn’t a problem. Clearly this is the next step in ‘aeroness’, much better than having the normal parachute that most athletes have attached to their seat in the form of cages, spare tubes and tools…..

For longer distance races 70.3 or Ironman its got to be a winner!

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