Pat Leahy

Pat Leahy: Triathlon, Cycling, Running & Fitness
As founder and head coach of Profile Fitness.Net and Pro-Vo2.Com, Pat Leahy has been committed to achieving excellence in the field of fitness training and athletic preparation, for over fifteen years. Specializing in performance enhancement, Pat has helped a wide range of clientele from beginner’s to professional athletes reach their training & racing goals through sound scientific training.

As a professional Ironman triathlon coach and athlete, plus a former international Tae Kwon Do champion, Pat has utilized his personal experience as a competitive athlete and combined it with the advanced theories of European Sports Science and principles of modern strength, endurance and conditioning systems.

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Through the years in this field Pat has been recognized as a specialist in Athletic Preparation in many sports in the UK, US and Australia and has personal trained a number of celebrities in the fashion and music industries. Now Pat heads up his multisport company Pro-Vo2 and is considered an expert in metabolic testing for fat loss and performance coaching.

About Pat: Having played most team & field sports at School, Pat went on to represent his county at Rugby & Tennis as a junior. At the same time, Pat’s interest and abilities with BMX freestyle riding grew…custom building bikes in his garage at the age of 10! At the age of 13 Pat took up Taekwondo, where the his poor parents garage turned into a scene from Rocky 4! ;-)

Competing nationally on a regular basis, saw Pat become junior (under15s) champion in all disciplines of  Sparring, Technical Patterns and Destruction. Moving into the senior category, whilst giving up the opportunity to play Rugby for his County, it wasnt long before Pat was winning the adult sections in Taekwondo and Freestyle Martial Arts  competitions. At the age of 21 Pat set up his first TaeKwondo schools and personal training company in central London.

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After building a successful personal training business and Taekwondo schools, pat took on new new challenges within the fitness industry and spent 6 years managing health clubs for Cannons, Holmes Place & David Lloyd. Pat hadnt been competing in Taekwondo for a few years, when at the age of 30, thought it was time for a new competitive sport…Ironman Triathlon!

Over the last 7years Pat has developed his knowledge as an endurance athlete and coach, testing his power and heart rate methods within competitive ironman racing. Having been fortunate enough to live and train both in Boulder,Colorado and the Gold Coast, Australia he has been mentored by some of the great coaches such as Rich Strass, Hunter Allen, Joe & Dirk Friel and Dave Allen.

Pat is passionate when sharing his knowledge to athletes or fitness clients and delivers results fast in his fun and motivating sessions!