Dynamic Bike Fitting

Our revolutionary system is the only bike fitting system in the world that can capture you cycling at 50 frames a second, freeze the motion at the exact point of interest, provide analysis and then save your results. The world of bike fitting is changing forever…we bring you “Dialed in Motion!”

Would you ever consider running a marathon without the right fitting shoe? No – so why would you ride your bike in the wrong position? With so many top level racing and triathlon bikes now sold ‘off the peg’ there is an even greater need to have professional advice on your cycling ‘set-up’ and ensure you have the optimum position to achieve the maximum output and comfort possible.
DiM wide black logo highWe can provide this invaluable service if you are about to invest in a new bike or if you already have an existing bike. EliteCycling (Paul Mill) the exclusive UK providers, have partnered with Pro-Vo2 Coaching (Pat Leahy) to launch the ‘Dialed in Motion’ dynamic bike fitting system, allowing us to offer this cutting edge technology direct to you now – quickly, safely and accurately.

Standard Dynamic Fit – £135

lady mtberUsing Dialed in Motion standard mode we undertake precise measurements in various anatomical positions so we can recommend the correct frame size for you to achieve the optimum performance for your desired riding requirement. You will then be videoed while cycling in your current position and various datawill be stored, from this precise data we will carry on through a process using our bespoke software to evaluate how your riding position can be dramatically improved. Complex lines and measuring angles of your anatomy are then produced to achieve a complete biomechanical position individual to you. A full report is supplied to you with an explanation of all the recommended changes and angles of your geometry.

Advanced Dynamic Fit – £195

DIM (Specialized) LCD Screen - squareThe Advanced option is suggested for the intermediate and advanced cyclist looking for improvement in every area of their performance. The consultation is far more in depth than the Standard option and in addition to video data of you and assessing your current riding position we will record before and after shots of your riding position. We then have the ability to look at all changes and display to you video playback changes and problematic areas that might arise in the future allowing you to prolong your competitive riding. A full detailed explanation and report will show all the changes that we have made and will record the measurements of your bike both pre-fit and after.

Professional TT and Dynamic Power Fit – £255

macca bikeThe Professional TT option supplies the same information as the Advanced mode but is aimed at the serious Time Triallist or Triathlete looking produce extra output and vital winning seconds. We additionally assess your vital frontal area in terms of volume in the air at variable heights. Once we have this data we look at your performance and efficiency using a set protocol along with the unique spin scan analysis. This will give us the following information.
 Volume of body shape in the air
 Power at relevant stack height
 Pedalling efficiency at various stack height

We look at your individual event demands and derive what adjustments can be made to optimise your aerodynamics while also being efficient and comfortable. The process is comparable to wind tunnel testing at a fraction of the price.

Locations for Dynamic Bike Fitting include: Fulham, Kensington, The City & Crystal Palace